ZenCube has exclusive access to the resources needed to materially impact the cannabis growing process


Experience in cannabis and large-scale cultivation


ZenCube intends to utilize an existing Zenabis cannabis production license


ZenCube has existing technology to work with; the CubicFarm System

Our Strategy

ZenCube intends to bring to market products and services that will assist marijuana producers to improve yield, reduce costs and produce a higher quality product.

ZenCube intends to refine these offerings through research and development in the near-term.

Cannabis Propagation Services

Leveraging the propagation experience of the CubicFarms founders, ZenCube will offer marijuana propagation services for other licensed producers.

Cannabis Propagation Products

Utilizing the technology of CubicFarms, ZenCube will develop a propagation product based on the CubicFarms Systems model that can be purchased by licensed producers.