The ZenCube partnership was formed by CubicFarms and Zenabis to improve efficiency and quality in the cannabis industry.

ZenCube combines the best of vertical farming with one of the most innovative licensed producers in the cannabis space.

CubicFarms has revolutionaized vertical farming through the development of the first efficient, sustainable, and profitable controlled-environment indoor farming system (the CubicFarm System). The CubicFarm System was designed after years of research and development by Leo and Jack Benne, the masterminds behind Bevo Agro, one of North America’s most successful propagation operations.

The CubicFarm System features mechanized growing, germination, and irrigation machines built inside of insulated, customized stainless-steel growing chambers measuring the same size as 40-foot shipping containers. The growing chambers are connected to a fully enclosed central common work area, making the entire system a stand-alone, independent growing facility that can be installed inside of a building or as its own outdoor facility. CubicFarm Systems have a significantly higher yield than traditional growing methods and requires less labour, electricity, land and water than traditional farming.

CubicFarms currently operates an 15 machine CubicFarm System in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. Produce from this facility is sold locally. By the end of 2018, CubicFarms Systems will be operating at two other sites in Canada.


Zenabis is a licensed producer of cannabis operating facilities in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia. Zenabis expects to become one of the largest licensed producers of cannabis in Canada. To date, Zenabis has secured multiple channels for distribution including provinces (such as British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), first nations groups, exclusive medical channels, and owned dispensaries. Zenabis has products spanning all markets and categories through a variety of owned brands, licensing agreements, and partnerships.

Zenabis is developing partnerships and sales channels across the globe, including a signed letter of intent in Malta and elsewhere in Europe. Zenabis has signed a letter of intent with a European medical distributor, is negotiating with partners in Germany, and has established a relationship with Brown’s Pharmacy in Malta.

Zenabis is an innovator in the cannabis space. To date, Zenabis has established R&D partnerships in both product development and growing technology. Zenabis continues to actively explore other venture capital opportunities in the cannabis space.


Our Team

ZenCube has a world-class team with extensive experience in agriculture, cannabis, finance, and commercialization. Management has extensive agriculture experience at Bevo Agro, one of the most successful propagation businesses in North America and International Herbs, a large-scale agriculture business with operations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Rick Brar


Rick Brar is a Senior Vice President of Sun Pharm. Rick is a proven leader in the food, agriculture, and land development sectors. Prior to joining Sun Pharm, Rick was the CEO and President of International Herbs Ltd., the largest organic fresh specialty herb grower and distributor in Canada.

Leo Benne

Chief Innovation Engineer

Leo Benne is the Director and General Manager of Bevo Agro Inc. and the Chief Innovation Engineer of CubicFarms. Leo gained extensive knowledge of modern horticultural while attending the Rijks Middlebare Tuinbouw School in Holland. Leo’s experience as Chief Technology Officer of Urban Barn Foods has led him to be experienced in overseeing the production of healthy, high-yield plants. As the current General Manager of Bevo, he is the head of day-to-day operations of the business.

John Hoekstra

Vice President, Finance

John is the CFO of CubicFarms and Bevo Agro Inc. John graduated from Redeemer University with a degree in Business Administration, and is a CPA. John has also worked at Air Liquide as Supply Chain Manager.