Vertical farming for an evolving cannabis market.

ZenCube’s mission is to provide best in class propagation and cloning services to the cannabis industry using vertical farming technology.

ZenCube is a joint venture between CubicFarms and Zenabis. Together they will combine vertical farming and traditional cannabis cultivation. Through ZenCube, CubicFarms and Zenabis will develop innovative growing technology and techniques for the cannabis industry.

What is ZenCube?

ZenCube intends to explore applications of CubicFarm Systems for the propagation of cannabis clones. ZenCube technology will provide a solution for cannabis growers to reduce their operating costs and produce a predictable and consistent clone yield. This approach will require less space, labour, water, and energy and will result in a more consistent, higher quality product for consumers.

CubicFarm Systems is a vertical farming technology designed for the commercial production of lettuce, herbs, and microgreens. CubicFarms is driving the next generation of profitable, predictable, consistent vertical farming.

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Zenabis is positioned to be one of the largest and most cost-effective producers of cannabis in Canada and brings a wealth of experience with the optimization of industrial scale farming.  Zenabis will lead cannabis growing using vertical farming.

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